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Report of Animal Use Concerns

Pursuant to the Animal Welfare Act, Section 2.31(c) (4), any person with concerns for the welfare of any animal used in the Blinn College District Veterinary Technology Program or of any violations of the policies, rules, regulations and laws governing the care of animals used for teaching purposes, is strongly encouraged to contact a member of the Blinn Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or the attending veterinarian. All questions, concerns, and complaints will remain anonymous and will be handled confidentially. Blinn is committed to ensuring that all animals used for teaching purposes are treated in a humane manner.

Every IACUC member is responsible for referring any questions, concerns, or complaints that they receive to the IACUC Chair. Any concern will be reviewed, and if warranted, fully investigated to ensure that all animals used in the Veterinary Technology Program are treated in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and Animal Use Protocols that have been approved by Blinn’s IACUC. All complaints may remain anonymous if desired.

Concerns or complaints may be submitted online to the attending veterinarian by completing the form below. Additionally, the IACUC Chair may be reached at 979-209-7575 and the attending veterinarian may be reached at 979-209-7519.

Please use this form to submit a question, concern, or complaint regarding the treatment of any animal used for teaching purposes in the Veterinary Technology Program. Complaints may remain anonymous. All submissions will go to the attending veterinarian on the Blinn Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), who will forward them to the IACUC Chair for review and investigation.