Students who choose Blinn save thousands compared to the average cost of attendance at a Texas university.

In addition to Blinn’s $67 general fee, the College’s tuition rate is set according to students’ permanent place of residence. Students who reside in Blinn’s taxing district located in Washington County, Texas, pay a tuition rate of $55 per credit hour.

Texas residents who officially reside outside of Washington County pay an out-of-district tuition rate of $112 per credit hour. Students from outside the State of Texas pay an Out of State/Foreign tuition rate of $272 per credit hour.

For more information, please see the Cost of Attendance page.

How Does That Compare?

During the 2019-20 academic year, Blinn’s out-of-district tuition and fees offered students a savings of $4,036, approximately 42%, compared to state residents at the average Texas public university (source:

 Students taking 30 credit hours at Blinn pay $5,340 in tuition and fees compared to $9,258 at the average state university.


In addition to Blinn’s low tuition and fees, the Blinn Foundation offers more than 200 endowed scholarships available to incoming and returning students from a wide range of backgrounds, majors, and experiences. Though some scholarships are restricted to students who fit specific criteria, if a student who exemplifies those requirements does not apply, the scholarship may be offered to a wider range of students. Students are considered based on high academic achievement, participation in student activities, and community involvement. To apply for all of Blinn’s endowed scholarships, complete a single application by visiting