Service Learning Council

Greg Phillips, Ed.D. Dean for Instructional Administration
Brice Mund Service Learning Coordinator - Brenham
Gilbert Schorlemmer Service Learning Coordinator - Bryan
Mary Barnes Assistant Academic Dean Social Science
Patti Herzik Faculty
Deborah Vavra Visual/Performing Arts and Kinesiology
Becky Garlick Director Schulenburg Campus - Faculty


  • Revise and approve the Training Models, Course Development Protocol, community partners, students and partners contracts, forms and proposed budgets
  • Revise and forward promotional materials and Service Learning budget to the Executive Council for approval
  • Review Service Learning pilot program and make recommendations
  • Review new course proposals, acting as mentors to faculty who wish to teach Service Learning courses
  • Engage in short and long-term assessment of the Service Learning Program and make recommendations for the future of Service Learning at Blinn