Administrative Council

Purpose Statement

Blinn College Administrative Council exists for the Administration to support the Blinn College Board of Trustees’ commitment to shared governance, as a formal organization for communicating concerns, developing and reviewing task force findings from the Faculty Senate, Deans’ Council, Division Leadership Council and Staff Council, relative to college policies, procedures and other matters with responses made to the subordinate councils.

The Administrative Council also exists, and in no way is limited to, the purpose of enhancing communication between campuses and administrative units. Communication is of the utmost importance.

This Council consists of the members of the College’s Executive Council and the presidents and presidents-elect of the Faculty Senate, Deans’ Council, Division Leadership Council, Staff Council, Student Government Association representative and Ex-officio members appointed by the District President.

The Administrative Council may meet as needed but at least once each fall and spring semester (Board Policy   BGC (Local)). 

Executive Council members:

Mary Hensley, Ed.D., Chancellor

Karen Buck, M.Ed., Vice Chancellor Student Services and Administration

Richard Cervantes, Vice Chancellor, Business and Finance/CFO

Dr. Marcelo Bussiki, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Leighton Schubert, Vice Chancellor, Public Affairs and Strategic Affairs

Dr. John Turner, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Services and Executive Dean, Brenham Campus

Jimmy Byrd, Ph.D., Executive Dean-Bryan Campus

Chris Marrs, Executive Dean, RELLIS Campus

Laurie Clark, Special Assistant, Board of Trustees and Chancellor

Deans’ Council Representatives:

Max Hibbs, MS Mathematics

Faculty Senate Representatives:

Mark Bernier (President)

Division Leadership Council (Formerly the Academic Leadership Council):

Todd Quinlan (President)

Michelle Marburger (President-Elect)

Schulenburg Campus Director:

Becky Garlick

Sealy Campus Director:

Lisa Caton

Staff Council:

Dagmar Poteet (President)

John Rice (Vice President)

Rebecca Cole (Secretary)

Student Government Association (Ex-Officio Student Representatives):

Mason Sumrall – Brenham Campus (President)

Nathan Stinson – Bryan Campus (President)

Others Appointed by the Chancellor:

Richard Bray

Administrative Council Meetings - 2020

Meeting Information
April 29 Agenda Presentation Minutes

Administrative Council Meetings - 2019

Meeting Information
March 6 Agenda Presentation Minutes
November 12 Agenda Presentation Minutes