Reasonable Classroom Accommodations

  • Note-taking services
  • Additional time on work done in class and on tests, unless speed is the essential element being tested.
  • Alternative test location which provides a quiet environment that reduces distractions
  • Priority seating assignment
  • Test reader
  • Test scribe
  • Student may need to have any written material (e.g., overheads, transparencies, chalkboard, notes, etc.) read aloud or put into an accessible format.
  • Due to the nature of the student's disability, he/she may need to take breaks during class
  • A sign language interpreter (interpreter will use sign language to interpret lectures and fulfill interpreter requests.)
  • Captioned/subtitled videos
  • Allowance of assistive devices in the classroom and on assignments or exams:
  • Tape recorder for class lectures and in-class assignments
  • Computers for essay exams or in-class writing assignments.
  • Lap top computer for note taking


Important information regarding absences:

Disability Services recommends that students with a disability-related need for flexibility in attendance meet with their instructors to discuss the extent to which modification in attendance policies may be reasonable for a particular class. The student and instructor should have a clear understanding of what accommodation can be made for disability-related absences. In cases where attendance is an essential part of the class, a medical or mental health withdrawal may be considered a reasonable accommodation if absences become excessive. Disability Services is available to consult with faculty on issues concerning disability and attendance. No accommodation exits that allows a student to miss class simply because of their disability. Class attendance is considered an essential element of the course unless otherwise noted in the course syllabus.

Can Student Disability Services excuse absences?

No. Blinn College sets their own attendance policies and class attendance is an expectation of Blinn College students. A statement regarding absence may be added to a letter of accommodation to explain circumstances to instructors, but it is still up to the department's discretion whether or not absences are excused.