Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences


Biotechnology is a growing field that produces pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and devices for medical treatment.

The Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences Program is great for students interested in the sciences, especially biology, providing training that makes students employable upon graduation with an Associate of Applied Science (2 years) or a Level 2 Certificate (1 year). Therapeutics Manufacturing Certificate Gainful Employment Table.

An Advanced Technical Certificate (1 year) is also offered, which allows students that already have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree to get the skills necessary to become employed in the pharmaceutical industry. Therapeutics Manufacturing Advance Technical Certificate Gainful Employment Table

Therapeutics Manufacturing is on the targeted occupations list with the local workforce board and is not a competitive-entry program.

Individuals interested in a laboratory-based career will obtain the skills they need to start their career and get experience sooner than it would take them on a more traditional academic track.

Many jobs in the biological sciences require students to go on to obtain advanced degrees; however, by obtaining the skills taught in the Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences Program, students can become employable with only one or two years of training.

For students interested in transferring to a four-year institution, the Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences Program will provide them with skills that will make them employable upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree or even allow them to work their way through school while they finish their degree.

“Blinn’s program offers a great opportunity for students to be a part of the growing biotech industry here in the Brazos Valley," said student Steven Bravo. "It’s developing students with very specific and useful skills that can transfer almost anywhere."