Reportable Behaviors/Indicators of Distress

Do you know a student who is?

  • Experiencing a marked decline in academic performance?
  • Demonstrating disruptive, erratic or disturbing behavior?
  • Showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior, or weight?
  • Making disturbing comments in conversation, e-mail, letters, papers, or social media postings?
  • Sad, anxious, or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Isolating themselves socially?
  • Frequently angry or easily frustrated?
  • Demonstrating acts of insubordination (a pattern of unusual acts of disobedience)?

One or more of these behaviors may be a sign of a student in distress. Please complete the online form linked to this page to help connect them to resources and the assistance they need to be successful.