Hazlewood for Dependents of Veterans

The Hazlewood Exemption

  • The Hazlewood Act provides Dependents of Veterans with up to 150 semester hours of paid tuition at Blinn College, or less if some hours have already been used, that are required for the student’s degree plan. It does not cover the cost of books, non-tuition related fees, or parking related fees.

Program Eligibility

  • All recipients of the Hazlewood Exemption Act must meet the Financial Aid Office’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.
  • For all dependents using Hazlewood, except in cases where the veteran was killed in action or is 100% unemployable due to service-related injuries, Hazlewood will only cover the tuition and fees for classes required for the degree plan up to the maximum number of hours required for their degree plan. In addition, dependents can only receive the Hazlewood exemption for up to 90 hours at Blinn College if the student changes degree plans.
  • The veteran must have entered the service in Texas, and/or maintained a home of record in the State of Texas (as stated on the DD-214).
  • The veteran must have served a minimum of 181 days of active duty, excluding training time (for reservists).
  • Dependents applying for Hazlewood must prove dependency, either by birth certificate, marriage license or current tax return (if not the biological child of the veteran).
  • The veteran and dependent using the benefit must BOTH reside in the State of Texas while using the benefit, or the benefit user will be considered ineligible.

Documentation Required for Certification
DD-214 (that lists "Character of Service" copies 2-8):

  • Must show Texas as either the Place of Entry or the Home of Record, their net active time served, and the nature of their discharge.

Hazlewood Application

  • Must be completed by the veteran and dependent student, and submitted during the first academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) attending Blinn College.


Hazlewood Exemption Renewal Application

  • This form is used for enrollment of returning Blinn students subsequent to the initial enrollment at the school (Blinn College) in which the student is currently and consistently enrolled. If a break in enrollment or change of school occurs then the complete Hazlewood Exemption Application must be completed. 
  • Example: Student received the Hazlewood exemption at Blinn during the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters, and is returning to Blinn College for the Fall 2015 year. Only the renewal application is required to be submitted for the next academic year.

VA Eligibility Letter (Certificate of Eligibility)

  • Must be submitted for veterans who left the service after August 1, 2009. Veterans must apply through VA in order to receive.

Birth Certificate:

  • Must be supplied to prove dependency if they are the biological child. If the spouse, a marriage license must be supplied to prove dependency. If the child requesting the benefit is not the biological child of the veteran, both a marriage license and birth certificate are required.

VA Request for Certification (ROC):

  • This document must be submitted every semester you enroll to take classes. This is the last step for certification, and can only be turned in AFTER you have registered for classes.