Admission Criteria

The following are requirements for admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Each of these requirements must be fulfilled and evidence of their completion must be submitted. Failure to submit evidence of fulfilling ALL admission requirements will exclude applicants from consideration for admission.

  • Complete all admission requirements and be admitted to the Blinn College District and send evidence of THEA completion or exemption. All developmental classes must be completed prior to admission to the program.

  • Send official transcripts to: a) Blinn College Admissions Office, and b) the Physical Therapist Assistant Program Office. Current Blinn students may provide a current student data form. Transfer students may bring a transcript evaluation from the Blinn Admissions Office.

  • Submit a completed PTA Program Application for admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Please note that admission to the PTA Program is a separate process from admission to Blinn and requires a separate application.

  • Include an official passport-type photograph taken recently with your application.

  • Take the Test for Essential Academic Skills Test (TEAS V - Allied Health) administered by the Center for Student Development.

  • Submit the Documentation of Experience form included in the application packet for physical therapy work or volunteer hours verified by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. A minimum of 20 hours of work or volunteer experience is required. It is recommended that students participate in a combined minimum of 60 volunteer/work hours which will be obtained within three separate disciplines to include a minimum of 20 hours at each, such as acute care, rehabilitation, outpatients, etc. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact a physical therapist department to arrange for this observation of physical therapy. Most area physical therapy departments are accustomed to student volunteers and will help you in obtaining these observation hours. It is advisable to start your physical therapy experience as soon as possible to be sure you are making the correct career choice for yourself. Please note, volunteer hours will not be accepted if more than two years old. Applicants will waive the right to review the completed volunteer form in order to afford an unbiased evaluation by the supervising therapist.

  • Submit all completed application (official transcripts, TEAS V - Allied Health scores, and experience forms) to the Physical Therapist Assistant program office by March 1.

Students may enhance their application by evidence of completion of general education courses, providing letters of recommendation, completion of a post-secondary degree, certifications (such as CPR), and evidence of community service. For admission, a minimum 2.5 grade point average is recommended, and students must have at least a "C" in all academic courses required in the program. Selection is based on how each applicant compares with others in the applicant pool. The top applicants will be selected for interviews to determine acceptance into the program.

Final selection for the program is determined by the Blinn PTA Program Director and faculty based on consideration of all components of the application process.