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Districtwide Facilities Master Plan

Blinn's Districtwide Facilities Master Plan is intended as a strategic and tactical guide for the physical development of the district’s five college campuses over the next 20 years. The Blinn College District embarked on its first comprehensive, districtwide facilities master plan in September 2020 – a strategic process entailing eight months of meetings, analysis, and numerous development scenarios to achieve consensus on a plan that will serve the best interests and future needs of its campuses and the communities they serve.

For the past two decades, Blinn College District has enjoyed a period of steady, successful growth. Its leadership recognized the timing was right for a long-term strategic view of the district’s current and future direction.

The master plan for Blinn College District over the next 5, 10 and 20 years reflects the school’s vision, its current position of strength in the market and the unique challenges facing each campus in the district. The master plan also serves a tactical purpose: providing the district with a road map for implementing its strategic plan with the phased development of prioritized capital improvements on campuses where continued growth is projected.

Master Plan Documents

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