Public Information (Open Records)

To request public information, please complete the Public Information (Open Records) Request Form. You may submit the completed form via U.S. Mail to: 

Contact Information
Sandra Horne
Legal Counsel
902 College Avenue
Brenham, Texas 77833

You may also email the form to Ms. Horne at OR via fax to 979-830-4116. Please note that submissions via email or fax to any other Blinn College District email account or fax number will not qualify as an open records request under the Public Information Act. Please send your request to the correct Open Records email address or fax number above.

Information under the Public Information Act includes all records except educational records under the Family Educational Records Privacy Act (i.e., grades, transcript requests, academic status, verifications, etc). For more information on obtaining Student Records, please contact the Registrar.

The College District has designated the following information as “directory information” under the Family Educational Records Privacy Act. Such information may be disclosed by the institution:

Category I:

Name, classification, major field of study, home address, and College District e-mail address.

Category II:

Previous institutions attended, attendance status, awards, honors (including Distinguished and President?s lists), degree(s) conferred (including dates), past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities, and physical factors (height, weight of athletes).

Student directory information is available at any time; however, this information is more complete following the official day of record for each semester. 

For more information regarding the Blinn College District’s open records and public information policies, please see Board Policies GCA(LEGAL) and GCB(EXHIBIT) or contact  Sandra Horne, Legal Counsel, Blinn College District, 979-830-4348 or

STAFF: If you receive a written request or subpoena for College District information, immediately forward it to for compliance. It is critical that you do not hold these requests/subpoenas or respond without the assistance of Legal Counsel as specific laws affect timeliness and disclosure of information.

Examples of a few basic charges are as follows:

Standard paper copies

$ 0.10 per page

Compact disks

$ 1.00 per disk

Programming charge

$ 28.50 per hour