Disbursement Process

Once you have submitted all applicable documents needed to complete your file and accepted your awards, your funds are ready for disbursement to your bill. Financial aid disbursements will begin on the day of record. Refunds are processed by the business office and are distributed to students using their Bank Mobile refund preference.

Your financial aid will not authorize to hold your classes for Pay As You Go or disburse when scheduled until:

  1. All Admissions requirements are complete.
  2. Your final high school transcript and all academic transcripts are received by Admissions.
  3. You are meeting the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Performance Standards (SAP).
  4. You are in a degree program that is eligible for financial aid.
  5. You are registered for (at least, or a minimum of) six hours. Pell Grant is the only exception and varies from each student depending on the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA.

Blinn begins dropping students for non-payments 1-2 months before each semester begins in a process called Pay As You Go. Once Pay As You Go begins for each semester, classes are dropped nightly if all tuition and fees are not covered by either authorized financial aid, a payment plan, or other means of payment.

You must ensure that your financial aid file is complete and your aid is authorized, if you are dependent on it to pay your bill, at least two weeks prior to the Pay As You Go drop date.

Blinn does not disburse any financial aid until the day of record (12th class day for Fall and Spring; an the 4th class day for Summer) for each aid period. First-time Direct Loan borrowers who have earned under 30 credit hours will have the first disbursement of their Direct Loan delayed until 30 days after the start of the semester.

Aid periods can make up just a single semester/term or be comprised of multiple semesters. Blinn aid periods and the day of record for each are as follows:

  1. Fall – 12th class day.
  2. Spring (includes Winter Mini & Spring) – 12th class day of Spring.
  3. Summer (includes May Mini, Summer I and Summer II) – aid does not begin disbursing until the day of record (4th class day) of Summer I.

There are many start dates in a semester and you must be attending, not just registered, in six hours for most grants and any loan to disburse.

Within the Fall and Spring semesters, there are four different parts of term:

  1. 16-Week – classes meet the entire semester
  2. 12-Week – classes begin four weeks after the regular semester and finish at the end of the semester
  3. Two 8-week sessions – one begins at the beginning of the semester (Weeks 1-8), and the second begins eight weeks into the semester (Weeks 9-16).