Hall of Honor - Past Recipients


Gus Mutscher (Person of the Year)

Ron Alfred

Becky Krebs

John Sharp

Milton Tate


Howard Kruse (Person of the Year)

Doyle Coatney

Dr. Bobbie Dietrich

Kay Boehm Fannin

M. Houston McGaugh


Larry and Mary Whigham (People of the Year)

Jim Ellison

J. Hal Machat

Wilbert Horstmann (Posthumously)

Ron Schmidt


Charles Moser (Person of the Year)

Henry Boehm, Sr. (Posthumously)

Mike Hopkins, Sr. (Posthumously)

Sudie Stark

Walter Thielemann


State Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst (Person of the Year)

Janis Sneed

Charles W. Schwartz

Terry Tottenham

Nathan Winkelmann


Ben Flencher, Jr. (Person of the Year)

Grace Crawford

Bill Thane

Dr. Thomas Morris Spencer

Dr. Greg Phillips


Ed F. Kruse (Person of the Year)

W.J. "Bill" Rankin (Person of the Year)

Tieman H. "Skipper Dippel

Don C. Wilhelm

Carolyn Matejowsky

Elroy Kiecke


A.W. Hodde, Jr. (Person of the Year)

Larry Campbell

Otto Lehrmann

Dr. Barbara Pearson

David Sommer 


Paul Kruse (Person of the Year)

Dr. Deanna Alfred

Bryan Rothermel

Johnnie Schroeder

Mike Wright


Ann Schwartz Fuelberg (Person of the Year) 

Gilbert Janner 

Atwood Kenjura

Don L. Strickland

The Honorable Julian E. Weisler II


John D. Barkman (Person of the Year)

Judge LeRoy Grebe, Sr.

Dr. W.F. "Boy" Hasskarl, Jr.

Norwood Lange

Allyne Quade Machat


Dr. James H. Atkinson (Person of the Year) (Posthumously)

Dr. Henry Boehm, Jr.

Leroy Dreyer

Ron Parker

Dorothy Utesch


Steve Beaird (Person of the Year)

Willie Mae Lueckemeyer

A.M. McCaig

Joe Al Picone

Sam King Winkelmann (Posthumously)


Arleigh "Jack" Appel (Person of the Year)

Dr. Wilfred Dietrich

Irene Ehlert (Posthumously)

Ernie Koy, Sr.

Dr. Donald Voelter


Teddy Boehm (Person of the Year)

Rosa Lee Fuchs

Waldo and Edna Moeller

Dr. W.W. and Regina O'Donnell

Walter Schwartz (Posthumously)