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Investment Officers

Richard Cervantes

Vice Chancellor, Business & Finance/CFO, Business and Finance

902 College Ave, - Brenham, TX 77833

Phone: (979) 830-4123 

Investment Reporting Questions

  1. Does the institution employ outside investment advisors or managers and, if so, who are they?
    BPS Capital Management, Inc., 7900 International Dr., Suite 1050, Bloomington, MN 55425
    TCG Advisors, 900 S. Capitol of Texas Hwy, Ste. 350, Austin, TX 78746
  2. Do the outside investment advisors or managers have the authority to make investment decisions without obtaining prior approval?

  3. Does the institution use soft dollar, directed brokerage or directed commission, commission recapture, or similar arrangements (these arrangements typically involve using brokerage commissions as means of paying for other related investment services through credits of a portion of brokerage commissions paid rather than through direct payments, or using selected brokers who will rebate a portion of commissions they receive on trades for the investor)?
  4. Is the institution associated with an independent endowment or Foundation?

Market Value of Foundation's investments as of August 31, 2018: $9,241,290

Susan Myers, M.Ed.  
Director - Blinn College Foundation 
902 College Ave. - Brenham, TX 77833 
Phone: (979) 830-4273 
Fax: (979) 830-4407

Blinn College Investment Policy

Board Policies

The Blinn College Board of Trustees reaffirmed the College's Investment Policy and Strategy at its Regular Meeting, August 21, 2018.