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Fire Science Technology Certificate

Experiential Learning Expense

Should you wish to receive experiential learning credit based on your active, non-encumbered license, please submit the request and documentation showing you have paid the $1 per contact hour fee ($224 for EMSP 1501 and EMSP 1160). If you have any questions, reach out to the program director or administrative assistant.

Course Summary for Fire Science Technology Certificate - Level I

(CIP Code: 43.0203)

1st Semester
Prefi x Numbe r Course Name Cours e Type Weekl y Lec Hrs Weekl y Lab Hrs Ext Hr s Con t Hrs Cre d Hrs
EMS P 1501 Emergency Medical Technician WEC M (SCH) 4 4 0 128 5
EMS P 1160 Clinical - Emergency Medical Technology/Technici an (EMT Paramedic) WEC M (SCH) 0 0 6 96 1
1st Semester Totals 4 4 6 224 6
2nd Semester
Prefi x Numbe r Course Name Cours e Type Weekl y Lec Hrs Weekl y Lab Hrs Ext Hr s Con t Hrs Cre d Hrs
FIRS 1203 Firefighter Agility and Fitness Preparation WEC M (SCH) 1 2 0 48 2
FIRS 1301 Firefighter Certification I WEC M (SCH) 2 2 0 64 3
FIRS 1407 Firefighter Certification II WEC M (SCH) 3 2 0 80 4
FIRS 1313 Firefighter Certification III WEC M (SCH) 3 0 0 48 3
FIRS 1319 Firefighter Certification IV WEC M (SCH) 2 2 0 64 3
FIRS 1323 Firefighter Certification V WEC M (SCH) 2 3 0 80 3
FIRS 1329 Firefighter Certification VI WEC M (SCH) 2 2 0 64 3
FIRS 1333 Firefighter Certification VII WEC M (SCH) 2 4 0 96 3
2nd Semester Totals 17 17 0 544 24
Program Totals 21 21 6 768 30

Approved: August 9, 2022

Effective: September 1, 2022