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Blinn Board of Trustees lowers tax rate to $0.0377 per $100 of property value

The College's most recent economic impact study shows that taxpayers gain $5.80 in value for every dollar they invest in Blinn

August 16, 2022

The Blinn College District Board of Trustees adopted a resolution Tuesday to set its 2022 tax rate at $0.0377 per $100 of property value.

The new rate represents a decrease from the 2021 tax rate of $0.0513 and will generate $2,252,899 in tax revenue, the same amount generated by the 2021 tax rate. Under the new rate, taxpayers will pay approximately $38 in annual taxes on a $100,000 home.

According to Blinn’s most recent economic impact study released in fall 2020, the College District provides a $370.1 million economic benefit to its local business community each year, including an additional $70.7 million in annual income to the Washington County economy. According to the study, taxpayers gain a benefit of $5.80 for every dollar they invest in Blinn.

The board also received a report regarding the College’s proposed Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). As part of Blinn’s reaffirmation of accreditation, the QEP is a carefully designed course of action to improve specific student learning outcomes and/or successes.

College personnel proposed a QEP designed to identify students whose grade-point average has fallen below 2.0 after completing 12 credit hours and provide academic and student service support that will assist them in raising their GPA.

In other business, Dr. Becky McBride, Vice Chancellor for Student Services, shared a report that Blinn enrolled 3,820 students for the summer II semester, a 2.59% decrease from 2021. This included 244,384 contact hours, a 9.13% decrease from the previous year.

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