Kinesiology Lecture Courses

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to human movement that includes the historical development of physical education, exercise science, and sport. This course offers the student both an introduction to the knowledge base, as well as, information on expanding career opportunities.
This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals, concepts, strategies, applications, and contemporary trends related to understanding personal and/or community health issues. This course also focuses on empowering various populations with the ability to practice health living, promote healthy lifestyles, and enhance individual well-being.
Instruction and practice for emergency care. Designed to enable students to recognize and avoid hazards within their environment, to render intelligent assistance in case of accident or illness, and to develop skills necessary for the immediate and temporary care of the victim. Successful completion of the course may enable the student to receive a certificate from a nationally recognized agency.
The purpose of the course is to study officiating requirements for sports and games with an emphasis on mechanics, rule interpretation, and enforcement.
Study of history, theories, philosophies, rules, and terminology of competitive sports. Includes coaching techniques.
Fundamental theory and concepts of recreational activities with emphasis on programs, planning, and

This course is designed to familiarize students with knowledge, understanding and values of health related fitness and its influence on the quality of life emphasizing the development and implementation of fitness programs.
Study of use and abuse of drugs in today's society, emphasizing physiological, sociological and psychological factors involved
Prevention and care of athletic injuries with emphasis on qualities of a good athletic trainer, avoiding

accidents and injuries, recognizing signs and symptoms of specific sports injuries and conditions, immediate

and long-term care of injuries, and administration procedures in athletic training.

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  • Shelly Peacock, Ph.D. | Health and Kinesiology Department Head