Kinesiology Activity Courses

A fitness course emphasizing total body conditioning (concentrating on abdominal and gluteal muscle groups), proper technique, and overall physical and mental fitness.
Beginning aerobics is a basic-level fitness class emphasizing the importance of regular exercise, techniques, training effects and execution of a lifetime fitness plan.
A beginning-level course that introduces fundamentals, exercises, and games to aid beginning and intermediate players in mastering pocket billiards.
A beginning-level course emphasizing the basic fundamental bowling skills, rules, etiquette, safety, terminology and scoring.
Aerobic walking and/or running plus drills to develop proper walking and running techniques. Overall fitness will be emphasized.
A beginning-level course emphasizing basic techniques for executing the golf swing. The course will familiarize students with rules, scoring, handicapping, club/shot selection, and etiquette of the game. Three class hours per week. One semester credit hour.
Beginning Jazz Dance places an emphasis on basic Jazz and Ballet skills. Students will learn basic skills and techniques, stretching, toning, and choreography
Pilates includes background knowledge of the activity and the application of appropriate basic floor techniques. Students will be introduced to standing Pilates, cardio Pilates, Yoga, and basic dance positions to expand skills learned.
A beginning-level course that emphasizes fitness, proper lifting technique, safety and correct identity of exercises and muscle groups.
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A beginning-level course emphasizing yoga postures, principles of movement and balance in yoga, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, stress reduction, and relaxation. The course will familiarize students with concepts and guidelines in fitness and wellness and encourage a physically active lifestyle.

A beginning-level course emphasizing basic instruction in dribbling, passing, rebounding, and shooting. The course will familiarize students with the rules, terminology, offensive and defensive strategies, and the physical activity benefits of recreational basketball.
This beginning-level course introduces students to the basic concepts of walking for health and fitness. Proper techniques of walking (fitness, power, and race), as well as overall general fitness and nutritional guidelines, will be stressed.
This course builds upon basic skills and knowledge of weight training. This is an intermediate to experienced level course centered on athletic development and performance. This course emphasizes proper warmup, compound multi joint movements, Olympic lifts, metabolic conditioning, proper periodization, pre habilitation and correct identity of exercises and muscle groups. This is not an introductory level course.

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  • Shelly Peacock, Ph.D. | Health and Kinesiology Department Head