Scholarship Opportunities

Blinn's Division of Technical and Community Education provides a number of avenues for scholarships. Traditional financial aid is not typically available for non-credit technical and community education courses, but please pursue the following:

A.W. Hodde, Jr., Technical Education Center Scholarship

Blinn offers a scholarship for prospective technical and community education students taking classes at the Hodde Center in Brenham. For more information or to apply, refer to the Technical and Community Education Scholarship Application.

Private Scholarships and Grants

Students may apply for any of the following scholarships, as applicable.

Swalm Foundation (Boys and Girls Club Scholarship)

  • The Swalm Foundation provides scholarship funds for students involved in Boys and Girls Club who meet requirements of the Foundation and have participated in a local Boys and Girls Club. Funds are available for Washington County, Champion Valley, Austin County, and Brazos Valley. 

Texas Elks State Association Vocational Grant

  • The Texas Elks State Association (TESA) provides vocational grants for any prospective student 18 years or older to pay tuition for a certificate program up to a two-year program in a technical or vocational area. For more information or to apply, please refer to the TESA Vocational Grant Application.

Gene Haas Foundation Grants

  • This scholarship program's primary  goal is to build skills in the machining industry by providing scholarships for CNC machine technology students. For more information or to apply, please visit the Gene Haas Foundation website.

Workforce Solutions

Your local workforce board has scholarship monies available on a case-by-case basis for unemployed, under-employed, and dislocated workers. Before registering for classes at Blinn, contact your local board to see if you qualify: