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RELLIS Campus Student Organizations

Getting involved on the RELLIS Campus is a great way for students to participate in campus life outside the classroom. By joining one of the many student organizations Blinn has to offer, students find a way to improve their leadership skills and learn how to give back to their community via service.

The following is a list of student organizations on the RELLIS Campus:

Our purpose as the Blinn College Nursing Student Association (BCNSA) is primarily dedicated to Blinn College students interested in Nursing as well as enrolled in Blinn College’s Associate Degree Nursing Program. We look to promote professionalism and leadership for today’s students and preparing them for initial licensure as registered nurses. We serve as the local chapter of the Texas Nursing Student Association (TNSA). Our mission is to provide opportunities for members to serve and connect in our local communities where needed aiding in the development of the whole person most especially in the areas of integrity and service.

We meet monthly providing support to students through connection with resources here at the college as well as bringing in local leaders and agencies to give students opportunity to connect with service and volunteerism in practical ways. Service learning is a process that connects student learning to civic and social responsibilities. Service learning projects require a high level of engagement and leadership and should include research and reflection. They allow students to create meaningful change outside the classroom. Above all else, service learning creates a fun environment in which students actively engage these skills without the perception that they are completing busywork.


This organization consists of students interested in the field of Emergency Medical Services. Our activities are focused on community outreach, community education and social events for our members. Membership is open to students enrolled in the Blinn College EMT program or the Blinn College Paramedic program.


The SPTAA is the student organization for the Blinn Physical Therapist Assistant program. All students are active members of the PTA program and work together to have a positive impact in our classroom, on our campus and in our community. Membership is only open to current PTA program students, but those interested may attend monthly meetings to learn more about the PTA program and the profession of physical therapy.


The purpose of the Blinn College Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society is to promote scholarship and academic excellence in the profession of nursing in Blinn College Associate Degree Nursing students. Our mission is to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society encourages the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility.

Membership is only open to Blinn Associate Degree Nursing students that meet the qualifications.


Please see the full list of Academic Alliance student organizations.


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