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Bryan Campus Recreation

What Does Campus Recreation Consist Of?

Recreational Services is comprised of three main component areas:

  • Campus Recreation Programming
  • Recreational & Sports Events
  • Co-curricular Educational Activities

Student staff members are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all aspects of Recreational Services in order to increase your knowledge of the department and to promote these offerings to our college faculty, staff, and students.

Blinn College Campus Recreation

  • Integrity
    • Demonstrating a commitment to honesty, transparency and consistency by modeling and teaching ethical behavior through campus recreation programs and services.
  • Collaboration
    • Creating intentional partnerships for the shred purpose of supporting student success and achieving institutional goals.
  • Excellence
    • We operate our programs and facilities at the highest level of safety, quality and customer service.
  • Service
    • Providing a service to all our participants and members by fulfilling their personal needs.


  • Student Leadership and Activities
  • Phone: 979-209-7260