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Stop Before You Drop

Stope Before You Drop

If I drop a class what happens to. . .

My financial aid?

You may owe money. If classes are dropped after financial aid has been disbursed (you’ve already received your financial aid), you may have to repay some or all of the money you’ve been paid. Students who drop below six credit hours will owe partial loan funds or have future disbursements canceled. For more information, click here.

My housing?

You will lose your housing if you are not enrolled in at least 12 hours for the duration of the semester. A student who drops below 12 semester hours will have three class days to register into additional credit hours that begin in a later part of term or complete an appeal to stay in on-campus housing. If additional hours are not added and the appeal is denied, the resident must move out within 48 hours. The move-out date determines if a meal plan and room rent refund is appropriate. For more information, contact the Housing Office.

My ability to drop other classes?

A drop may result in a grade of F. Under Texas law, once you have dropped six (6) classes (including any courses you dropped at another college or university), you will no longer be able to drop a class with a Q. A Q drop will automatically become an F. For more information, please check with the Advising Office.

My ability to transfer?

You may not be able to transfer to your first-choice university. Dropping classes may have a negative impact on the admission decision, depending on the university to which you want to transfer. For more university transfer information, including transfer guides for many Texas universities, visit our Transfer Your Degree page.

With whom should I talk before I drop a class?

  • If you are a Blinn College athlete, you must talk with your coach and your assigned advisor.
  • Talk with your professors. They’ll be able to talk with you about your grades and actions you might take to improve your grades.
  • Talk with advisors. They’ll be able to analyze your transcript and your course load to help you avoid as many negative consequences as possible.
  • Talk to transfer advisors at your university of choice. They’ll be able to tell you the impact of drops on admission decisions.
  • Talk with the Housing Office. They’ll be able to tell you what will happen with your housing.
  • Talk with Financial Aid. They’ll be able to tell you what will happen with your financial aid.
  • Talk with the International Student Office, if you are an international student. Only the International Student Office can advise you regarding your Federal F1 Visa requirements.

If I’m falling behind in a class, who can help me?

  • Visit with your professor. Your professors are there to help you. They can give you an idea of where you stand in your classes and offer ways to improve your performance in the class.
  • Use the Blinn College free tutoring services. Tutoring is available face-to-face and online. Tutors in our learning centers in Brenham, Bryan, and RELLIS are available to help you. For online tutoring services go to the Blinn College Virtual Success Center. Face-to-face and online assistance with writing assignments is available through the Writing Centers in Brenham and Bryan and the Blinn College Virtual Success Center.
  • Sign up for the Navigators’ program. Navigators are trained faculty and staff who can provide guidance as you navigate through your education at Blinn College.
  • Go to the Library’s Blinn Navigator site for lists of resources, study strategies, and career guidance.