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New Student Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I do at New Student Registration (NSR)?

At New Student Registration, you will learn more about Blinn College District. You will attend a presentation, visit with an advisor, and register for classes. You can also visit with Financial Aid and the Business Office. In addition, you will learn about the many resources and opportunities available to you at Blinn.

If you take the online version of NSR, you will review an online presentation and go through an online orientation. You will then be given resources on how to contact an academic advisor, how to register, how to contact Financial Aid, how to contact the Business Office, and learn about the many resources and opportunities available to you at Blinn. 

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Is New Student Registration mandatory?

All new students should attend NSR (face-to-face or online). Our goal is to provide information and resources that allow students to make informed and appropriate academic plans and healthy social choices.

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What should I do prior to attending New Student Registration?

Student must complete the following items before registering for NSR (face-to-face or online). Please allow 7‐10 business days for admissions to process these items once they are sent.

  • Apply to Blinn through Apply Texas
  • Students must submit evidence of vaccination against bacterial meningitis
    Evidence of Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis Form
  • Verify test scores for placement purposes (TSIA, TSIA2 or Exempting TAKS, SAT or ACT)
    Test Score Submission Form
  • Submit your high school transcript (a final transcript can be submitted at a later date)
    • Emailed copies of high school transcripts will be accepted if sent directly from the high school to
    • Blinn College does not accept any emailed high school transcript sent directly from the student/parent.
  • Submit your college transcript. All previous college credit, including dual credit, must be documented with a college transcript. High school transcripts will not be accepted.
    • Most Texas Colleges/Universities can send transcripts electronically through the SPEEDE system. All college/university transcript should be sent through SPEEDE, unless that is not an option.
    • Blinn College does not accept any emailed college transcripts sent directly from the student/parent.

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Do I have to register for New Student Registration?

Registration is required to attend NSR (face-to-face or online). Students can register for the New Student Registration once they have submitted their test scores and completed their admissions file with Blinn.

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How do I register for New Student Registration?

Register now for Online NSR.

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Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee.

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Does a Blinn TEAM or Engineering Academy at Blinn–Bryan student need to attend a New Student Registration?

No, students who have been accepted to the Blinn TEAM or Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Bryan will be advised and register for both their Texas A&M and Blinn classes at their scheduled Texas A&M New Student Conference.

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What if I need to cancel or reschedule my date?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please email

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How many guests can I bring?

Due to space constraints, each student can only bring two guests.

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