Auditions and Scholarships

Auditions for instrumentalists, vocalists, and color guard are held during the late Fall and early Spring semester for the following Fall. Auditions may be scheduled by appointment or on a mass audition date.

Blinn is fortunate to be able to offer substantial scholarships to students who wish to participate in music regardless of major. The per semester value of those scholarships vary. They are awarded based on musical ability and the recommendation of a high school ensemble director. Auditioning for the music program also will serve as your scholarship audition. 

Please be sure that you complete the Audition Request Form, linked in yellow, in order to begin the process of scheduling an audition. Also, make sure that you also fill out the appropriate scholarship application which is also linked on the same side of this web page. Any questions you may have can be addressed to the people listed below based on your instrument:

Note: The scholarship application does require you to use your MyBlinn Login credentials to get started. If you have not completed an application for Blinn College through Apply Texas, you can complete your Apply Texas application online .

Jill Stewart- Instrumental Music Coordinator/Professor 979-830-4262
Dr. Sarah Burke – Director of Bands 979-830-4015
Dr. Paulo Gomes  –Choral Director 979-830-4239 
John Dujka – Piano Studies 979-830-4249

Auditions Materials:

Audition Request Form
For Directors - Prospective Student Recommendation Form

Please prepare the following for your audition: 

Wind players should prepare one or two solos or etudes (UIL solos, All-Region music, etc.), which demonstrate technical facility as well as lyrical, expressive playing. Sight-reading and/or major scales may be requested. An accompanist is not necessary. Music may be used.

Auditions for percussion are by arrangement only. Please contact  Dr. Sarah Burke to schedule an audition. Please prepare the following:

  • Snare Drum-

One concert etude (All-region music, Cirone, Peters, Goldenberg,etc.)
If you feel rudimental playing is a strong point, you may additionally prepare a rudimental solo of your choice.

  • Marimba -

One 2 mallet solo or etude (All-region music, UIL solo, Goldenberg, etc.)
OPTIONAL, but highly encouraged – one 4 mallet solo (UIL solo, etude - Ford, Davila, Zivkovic, etc.)

  • Timpani -

OPTIONAL, but highly encouraged – one timpani selection (All-Region music, UIL solo, etude – Goodman, Peters, Carroll)

  • Sight reading -

You will be asked to sight read on both snare drum and mallet instruments. 

Color Guard:

Auditions for color guard are by arrangement only.  Please contact  Jill Stewart to schedule an audition. Individuals must prepare a routine to music of their choosing to demonstrate abilities.

Individuals should be in good physical condition. 

Please contact  John Dujka for more information.

Vocal scholarships are awarded based on audition, the need for a particular voice part, and teacher recommendation. Scholarship auditions consist of:

1. Audition with a solo such as an aria, art song or piece from UIL Solo and Ensemble.  Please bring a copy of the music with you if you need piano accompaniment. (Piano accompaniment is preferred to taped accompaniment.)

2. Warm-up/Vocal exercises to determine the range, tessitura, and voice part. 

3. Aural skills test to determine ability to match pitch.

Before your audition date: 

Fill out the choral information form.

Prepare and submit a letter of intent, discussing what you can bring to the choral program, which can be brought to the audition or mailed as an attachment to

Obtain and have submitted a  letter of recommendation from your high school/previous choral director (i.e. school/church choir/community chorus director, etc.) or have your teacher email/mail the  recommendation form to, Choral and Vocal Studies, Blinn College, 902 College Ave, Brenham, TX 77833.

Contact Paulo Gomes and set up an audition time at 979-830-4239 or email