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Expressive Activity on Campus

What is Texas Senate Bill 18?

The 86th Texas Legislature (2019) passed Senate Bill 18, codified in Education Code § 51.9315, Protected Expression on Campus.

The law defines terms; discusses the importance of freedom of speech and expression on campus; and provides that reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions are still authorized, including but not limited to, a faculty member’s ability to maintain safety and order in a classroom.

Read Texas Senate Bill 18

What Does This Law Require?

The law requires each institution of higher education to adopt a policy detailing student’s rights and responsibilities regarding expressive activities at the college. The policy MUST ALLOW:

  1. "Any person" to engage in expressive activity on campus.
  2. Student organizations and faculty to invite speakers.
  3. A method for filing complaints about non-compliance with the law and disciplinary procedures for individuals (students and employees) violating this law.
  4. The Board of Trustees to approve the new policy before it takes effect.

How Does Senate Bill 18 Benefit Students?

  1. Colleges may not take action against student organizations based on their viewpoints and the expressive activities for which they engage.
  2. Colleges can only consider four factors when determining whether to permit a speaker on campus and the appropriate security fee-venue and size of the crowd, need for security, necessary accommodations, and history of rule compliance by the group or individual inviting the speaker—but not the anticipated controversy related to the appearance.

Expressive Activity on Campus

Read Blinn College’s Administrative Regulation regarding Expressive Activities on Campus by Students and Employees.

Read Blinn College's Board Policies regarding Expressive Activities on Campus by Students and Employees: