Diversity Equity Task Force

The Diversity Equity Task Force (DETF) is a district-wide committee serving as an advisory body to the Dean for Institutional Diversity and Equity. The DETF is charged to:

  • assist with strategic coordination of district-wide diversity-related activities;
  • consider ways of enhancing the effectiveness of diversity initiatives;
  • and disseminating diversity-related and policies to departmental faculty, staff, and students.

(DETF) is a committee of faculty, staff, and student who work together to develop, evaluate, and collaborate on the various diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives happening within the Blinn College District.

The DETF is chaired by the Dean of Title IX, Institutional Diversity, and Equity. Each faculty member, faculty senate member, and student representative will serve a 1-year renewable term.

DETF Members

  • Phi Theta Kappa Representative
  • SGA Representatives
  • Staff Members:
    • Lane King
    • Peter Rivera
    • Gerald Brown
  • Faculty Senate Members:
    • Patrick Gilbert
    • Essie Childers
    • April Kinkead
    • Hayley Ellisor
    • Dawn Marshall