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Diesel Mechanics Technology

Blinn College's Diesel Mechanics Technology Program is your gateway to a thriving career in the diesel mechanics industry. With our non-credit certificates, you can acquire the expertise and hands-on experience demanded by employers, setting you apart from the competition. Whether you aspire to be a diesel mechanic, technician, trainee, or shop hand, our program equips you for success.

Diesel Mechanics Technology students are eligible to apply for Duddlesten Foundation scholarships scholarships while funds remain available.

Basic Diesel Mechanics Technology Certificate

Prepares you to work as a shop hand or trainee


DEMR 1001: Shop Safety and Procedures ($650)
A study of safety, rules, basic shop tools, and test equipment. Offered during the fall semester first 8-week session.

DEMR 1005: Basic Electrical Systems ($650)
Basic principles of electrical systems of diesel-powered equipment with an emphasis on starters, alternators, and batteries. Offered during the fall semester first 8-week session.

DEMR 1006: Diesel Engine I ($650)
An introduction to the basic principles of diesel engines and systems. Offered during the fall semester second 8-week session.

DEMR 1029: Preventative Maintenance ($650)
An introductory course designed to provide the student with basic knowledge of proper servicing practices. Content includes record keeping and the condition of major systems. Offered during the fall semester second 8-week session.

Advanced Diesel Mechanics Technology Certificate

Introduces you to the job of a diesel mechanic


DEMR 1010: Diesel Engine Testing and Repair I ($650)
An introduction to testing and repairing diesel engines including related systems and specialized tools. Offered during the spring semester first 8-week session.

DEMR 1017: Basic Brake System ($650)
Basic principles of brake systems of diesel-powered equipment. Emphasis on maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting. Offered during the spring semester first 8-week session.

DEMR 1021 Power Train I ($650)
Fundamental repair and theory of power trains including clutches, transmissions, drive shafts, and differentials. Emphasis on inspection and repair. Offered during the spring semester second 8-week session.

DEMR 1023: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Troubleshooting and Repair ($650)
Introduction to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning theory, testing, and repair. Emphasis on refrigerant reclamation, safety procedures, specialized tools, and repairs. Offered during the spring semester second 8-week session.

DEMR 1080: Cooperative Education – Diesel Mechanics Technology ($450)
Students participate in an internship at a live job site. This course includes online meetings with the instructor for feedback as well as instructor visits to the job site.

Program FAQ

All classes are offered at the A.W. Hodde Jr. Technical Education Center located at 2910 S. Blue Bell Road in Brenham.

Students who complete the basic certificate can gain employment as a shop hand or diesel mechanic trainee. Students who complete the advanced certificate are qualified for careers as a diesel mechanic or technician.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, diesel service technicians and mechanics earned a median salary of $48,690 in 2021.

Each course consists of 64 hours of instruction.

You can complete the program and earn both certificates in less than one year. The basic certificate can be completed during the fall semester and the first four classes of the advanced certificate can be completed during the spring, with the final internship course taken that summer.

Each course is $650, with the exception of DEMR 1080, which is $450.

For information regarding possible scholarship opportunities, please visit our Scholarship Opportunities page or contact the Hodde Center at 979-830-4443.

Yes. The courses for the basic certificate provide the foundational information you will need to succeed in the advanced certificate courses.

You can register for classes by completing the Non-Credit Application (your application type will be Workforce Education Brenham) and then visiting the Hodde Center at 2910 S. Blue Bell Road in Brenham during business hours. The Hodde Center phone number is 979-830-4443.

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