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The Blinn College District Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) was formed in 1999 on the District’s Bryan Campus by retired former Business & Mathematics Division Operations Coordinator, Ms. Kim Boetger, as a volunteer emergency assistance group. Since 1999, the CIRT program has grown to include the Brenham Campus and our new facilities at RELLIS. The CIRT program is composed of dedicated volunteer Blinn College District faculty and staff members and is coordinated by the Blinn College District Police Department with the support of the office of Safety and Risk Management.

Mission Statements

The mission of the Blinn College District CIRT is to:

  1. Assist in providing a safe and secure environment for our faculty, staff, students and visitors.
  2. Respond to campus emergencies through immediate action, as a safety resource, in the instance of an active threat, severe weather, fire, medical emergency, or evacuation and as requested by the Blinn College District Police Department.
  3. Act in coordination with Blinn College District Police Department personnel to assist in carrying out specific functions of the District’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that pertain to planning, mitigation, response, and recovery.


Blinn College District CIRT volunteers are coordinated, per campus team, by a designated BCD Police Sergeant and will receive, at a minimum, training in the following areas during scheduled monthly meetings:

  1. First-Aid, CPR, Bleed Control, and AED usage
  2. Fire Extinguisher usage and building evacuations
  3. Large Event Management and Traffic Control
  4. Incident Command System (ICS) and the Blinn College District Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  5. Civilian Active Shooter Training (CAST)


Trained CIRT volunteers will receive a reflective vest and ball cap clearly identifying them as a member of the “CIRT” as well as a standardized response bag with specific emergency gear, all to be used in the event of a critical incident.


CIRT membership is open to all full-time Blinn College District faculty and staff members willing to volunteer their time to attend regular monthly meetings and training sessions conducted by their assigned campus CIRT Coordinator. Most importantly, volunteers are expected to take a responsible role to assist all persons get to safety and/or receive emergency assistance during a critical incident. If you have a heart for service and a desire to be “part of the solution” please click the link below to complete the CIRT memberships application, today!