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Alumni and Friends Grant Program

The Blinn College Alumni and Friends Association is excited to announce a new grant program for all faculty, staff, and student organizations at Blinn. This grant program is made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Blinn College Alumni and Friends Association members and its supporters. Each year the Alumni and Friends Association will provide individuals/organizations the opportunity to apply for grant opportunities. The minimum criteria to apply for these grants are listed below:

  • Must be faculty, staff, or student within a recognized student organization at Blinn (all campuses are eligible)
  • Student organizations must be in good standing with the College District and receive approval from Director of Student Life.
  • Faculty and staff must receive approval from their immediate supervisor to apply.
  • Grant form must be fully completed.
  • Justification of need for grant must be provided.
  • Budget proposal and quotes (if applicable) must be provided.

Grants must be emailed to no later than the dates listed below:

Grant Cycle Grant Date Due
Number 1 January 1st
Number 2 April 1st
Number 3 July 1st
Number 4 October 1st

To request funding please download the Request for Funding form here.