Instructional Leadership Contacts

Division of Arts, Kinesiology, and Agriculture Programs


Debbi Vavra, 979-830-4241

Assistant Dean

Bryn Behnke, 979-830-4043 (Ag Sciences)

Craig Jeffrey, 979-209-8601 (Architecture)

Shelly Peacock, 979-209-7380 (Kinesiology)

Department Heads

Nathan Krueger, 979-209-7667 (Ag Sciences)

Todd Quinlan, 979-830-4288 (Music & Theatre)

Keith Sylvester, 979-209-7305 (Art & Architecture)

Program Coordinator, Art & Visual Communication

Tim Weaver, 979-209-8255 (Graphic Design, Photography)

Coordinator, Music

Jill Stewart, 979-830-4262 (Music)

Division Operations Coordinator

Alexis Besch, 979-209-7679

Division of Business and Mathematics


Charles Smith, 979-209-8272

Assistant Deans

Abby Fuller, 979-209-7531 (Math)

Marshall Rich, 979-209-7343 (Business)

Department Heads

Deeanna Antosh, 979-830-4315 (Math)

Victoria Fowler, 979-830-4453 (Math)

Josiah Schletewitz, 979-209-7391 (Math)

Robert Grande, 979-830-4425 (Business)

John Saldua, 979-209-8299 (Business)

Division Operations Coordinator

Kim Boetger, 979-209-7422

Division of Engineering, Computer Technology, and Innovation


Max Hibbs, 979-830-4446

Department Head

Mike McHugh, 979-830-4584 (Computer Science)

Engineering Department Head

David Fleeger, 979-209-8937

Program Coordination Engineering Technology (Technical Areas)

Jenifar Aktar, 979-830-4091

Computing Technology program coordinator (Technical Areas)

Bruce Gooch, 979-209-8868

Program Coordinator, Information Technology, Cybersecurity (Technical Areas)

Carol Wiggins, 979-209-7320 (Information Technology)

Engineering Programs Director

Ashley Hermes, 979-830-4191 (Engineering)

Administrative Assistant

Jamie Trigg, 979-830-4471

Esports Manager, Coach

Aaron Kapiko, 979-209-7415

Assistant Coach, Esports

Kyle Muto, 979-830-4562

Division of Humanities


Pat Westergaard, 979-209-7446

Assistant Deans

John Schaffer, 979-209-7352 (English, BY)

Amy Winningham, 979-830-4445 (English, BN)

Department Heads

Sandra Chumchal, 979-209-7359 (Parallel Studies-Developmental Education, BY)

Brandy Ermis, 979-830-4064 (Parallel Studies-Developmental Education, BN)

Anna Hall-Zieger, 979-209-7633 (English, Philosophy)

Irma Valdez, 979-209-7346 (Foreign Language and ASL)

Program Coordinator, Child Development

Amy Jones, 979-209-7374

Division Operations Coordinator

Daniel Runnion, 979-209-7642

Writing Center Directors

Richard Williams 979-209-7518 (BY, RELLIS)

Clint Hale, 979-830-4403 (BN, SE, SB)

Division of Natural and Physical Sciences


Elmer Godeny, 979-209-7575

Assistant Deans

Michelle Mcgehee, 979-209-7378 (Biology)

Beverly Clement, 979-209-7590 (Chemistry, Geology, & Physics)

Department Heads

Mike Youngs, 979-209-8815 (Chemistry, Geology, & Physics)

Steve Simcik, 979-209-7515 (Biology, BY)

David Larson, 979-803-4389 (Biology, BN)

Division Operations Coordinator

Frank Jaramillo, 979-209-7301

Program Coordinator, Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences

Roxanne Berry, 979-209-7432 (Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences)

Program Coordinator, Veterinary Technology

Catherine Pfent, 979-209-7519 (Vet Tech)

Division of Social Sciences


Brandon Franke, 979-209-7318

Assistant Deans

Shonda Whetstone, 979-209-7333 (Crim Just, Geog, Govt, Legal Asst, Socio, Social Work)

Katherine Wickes, 979-209-7331 (Psychology)

Department Heads

Vacant (History)

Emily Erdmann, 979-209-8282 (Geography & Government)

Rachel Gallardo, 979-209-7418 (Psychology)

Robert Stanberry, 979-209-7399 (Criminal Justice / Legal Assistant Paralegal)

Division Operations Coordinator

Phylicia Taylor, 979-209-7509

Division of Health Sciences


Michelle Trubenstein, 979-691-2128

Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing

Karla Ross, 979-691-2016 (Nursing)

Program Director, Dental Hygiene

Lisa Wiese, 979-209-7275 (Dental Hygiene)

Program Director, Emergency Medical Services

Zack Varner, 979-691-2129 (EMS)

Program Director, Fire Science


Program Director, Health Information Technology

Jaime Schroeder, 979-830-4275 (Health Information Technology)

Program Director, Physical Therapist Assistant

Kelly Yendrey, 979-691-2123 (Physical Therapy)

Program Director, Radiologic Technology

Tina Kocurek, 979-691-2013 (Radiologic Technology)

Program Director, Surgical Technology

Linda Hill, 979-691-2088 (Surgical Technology)

Program Director, Vocational Nursing

Michelle Marburger, 979-830-4285 (Vocational Nursing)

Administrative Assistant Heath Sciences

Shenella Solomon, 979-691-2074

Technical and Community Education


Karla Flanagan, 979-209-7445

Instructional Coordinator, Facilities Maintenance Instruction

Richard Hobbs, 979-209-7652

Director, Adult Education

Mary Pace, 979-209-7248

Director, Small Business Development Center & Grants

Matthew Wehring, 979-830-4138

Manager, Corporate College

Gayla Briles, 979-209-7545

Program Cordinator, Perkins V Grant

Anthony Garcia, 979-209-7556

Business & Public Service Programs Coordinator

Jennifer Schafer, 979-209-7637

Program Manager, Welding Technology

Dickie Jones, 979-209-7549

Additional Academic Affairs Leadership

Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Marcelo Bussiki, 979-209-7460

Administrative Assistant to the VC of Academic Affairs

Andrew Sulewski, 979-209-7593

Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences, Technical Education, and Community Programs

Jay Anderson, 979-2097296

Dean of Distance Learning

Mark Workman, 979-209-7403

Executive Director, Academic Success, Professional Development

Joyce Langenegger, 979-209-8991

Library Director, Bryan

Janice Lapaglia, 979-209-7277

Library Director, Brenham

Linda Gray, 979-830-4251