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Step 3: Registering for Courses

Registration Guide

Tips for Building a Semester Schedule

  • Identify as many course selections as possible.
  • Choose courses only listed under the campus you will be attending. If you want to enroll in courses from more than one campus, contact the Enrollment Services Office.
  • Balance your schedule: Classes meet for varying amounts of time: usually 50 minutes three times a week, 75 minutes twice a week, or once a week for three hours.
  • Verify you are registering for the type of class you want, i.e. traditional face-to-face, blended, online, ITV, etc.
  • List the course name and #, section #, day and time of the classes you wish to take. Determine secondary choices in case primary class choices are unavailable.
  • List the date range of courses.
  • Need help planning your week? View the Weekly Course Planning Worksheet.
  • Once you’ve selected a specific day and time, locate the 5-digit CRN. This number will be needed when registering.
  • Pay close attention to the Academic Calendar for registration dates and payment deadlines.

Types of Distance Education/Non-Traditional Course Delivery

Online (Internet) Courses - Students work within a virtual classroom environment using eCampus, interacting with their instructor and fellow classmates using the tools within the virtual classroom. These courses are indicated in the course schedule using an “N” for the section number. The campus listing for these courses is Distance Education (DE).

Blended (Hybrid) Courses - The course will typically meet once a week at the time indicated on your schedule. The remaining interaction will take place in an online classroom using eCampus. Student must attend class in addition to participating in the online environment. These courses are indicated in the course schedule using “B” for the section number.

Interactive Video Courses - The course meets according to the time indicated on the schedule. The instructor will be on one campus and teach students at the other campus (i.e., remote sites). These courses are indicated in the course schedule using “V” for the section number.

Step 4: Checking Student Progress