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Traditional vs Blended Track

Understanding And Choosing The Best Track For Success

The Blinn College Veterinary Technology Program offers an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Inside the Program, there are two different tracks offered, the Traditional and Blended. It is important to review each track to ensure which will be the most beneficial for your success in the Program.

Traditional Track

The Traditional Track is geared towards the “traditional” college student.

All lectures will be held in person on campus as well as all laboratories. With the Traditional Track, you can expect to be on campus anywhere from 2-4 days a week depending on the semester.

The Traditional Track is composed of 5 semesters and takes two years to complete. Applications are open for the Traditional Track every April 1st- April 30th. The Program will accept 16 Traditional students to begin each Fall semester.

Blended Track

The Blended Track is geared toward veterinary professionals who currently hold a position in the field (assistants/technicians). It is a requirement that any student in the Blended Track confirms and maintains a position in the veterinary field and work at least 30 hours a week. There is documentation for this requirement in the application package. This requirement helps ensure the success of the Blended students.

Lectures for the Blended Track are all online. Lectures are pre-recorded and students are expected to review them on their own time. Laboratories are held in person once to twice a month. In person laboratories may be scheduled on the weekends or afternoons/evenings to prevent interruption of the students' full-time jobs. The weeks that laboratories are not held in person, online assignments will be given to ensure students are prepared for upcoming laboratories.

The Blended Track is composed of 8 semesters and takes three years to complete. Applications are open for the Blended Track every April 1st- April 30th. The Program accepts 8 Blended students to begin each Fall semester.

If you have any additional questions over the two tracks offered, please feel free to reach out to our administrative assistant at