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Application Time Frame is as follows:

  1. Participate with Online Information Session or one of the Face to Face Information Sessions
  1. Online Information Session available September 13, 2018 thru 8 a.m. on February 14, 2019.
  2. Face to Face Information Session will be held in October, November and December. Dates to be determined. Please check back.
  1. ATI TEAS testing – September 1 thru last Friday in March.
  2. Application, transcript(s) and/or documentation for additional points – due 12 Noon on or before the first Friday in April.
  3. Acceptance and Alternate Letters emailed by the 3rd Friday in April.


Application Process


Step 1
Attend Information Session.  If you are going to apply to the program it is mandatory that you register and attend one of these information sessions.   You may also register to attend session by calling VOCN office. Click here for session dates.

Step 2
Take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills).  AFTER applicant has attended an information session then they may take the TEAS.  Those individuals applying to the Vocational Nursing Program on the Bryan campus may only take the computer version of the TEAS.   Applicants must score a 50% or above on the Reading, English, and Math.  Applicants must scores a 33.3% or above on the Science portions of the TEAS to be considered for admission into the program.  Instructions for taking the TEAS will be given during the information session.

Step 3
Make application to Blinn College.  Click here for application information.

Step 4
Begin Hepatitis B immunization if needed.  The Hepatitis B immunization series takes up to six months to complete.  Applicants for the program must have their first hepatitis B injection no later than March 1st, the second injection no later than April 1st, and the third injection prior to the first day of class. Applicants must show a titer for proof of immunity to Hepatitis B.  Applicants who have not completed the hepatitis B series and provided a titer by the first class day will no longer be admitted into the program.  Click here for immunization information.

Step 5
Apply for Financial Aid if needed.  Click here for Financial Aid Information.

Step 6
Complete the Allied Health Program Student Application and submit by the given deadline.