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Mission of the Radiologic Technology Program

Program Mission

The Radiologic Technology Program of Blinn College prepares students with knowledge and technical skills necessary to become competent entry-level radiographers.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

JRCERT Program Goals and Associated Student Learning Outcomes

Goal # 1: The students will demonstrate clinical (practicum) competency.
SLO 1.1 Students will develop cognitive understanding of positioning techniques
SLO 1.2 Students will demonstrate proper exposure factor selection
SLO 1.3 Students will demonstrate proper patient shielding techniques

Goal # 2: Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
SLO 2.1 Students will evaluate and critique images for anatomy, positioning, and pathology.
SLO 2.2 Students will consider body habitus to allow for proper positioning during a barium study. 
SLO 2.3 Students will incorporate learned radiation protection principles into the design of a radiography room.

Goal # 3: Students will learn about professional development in radiography.
SLO 3.1 Students will display an understanding of ARRT Code of Ethics principles
SLO 3.2 Students will understand the professional role of the radiographer
SLO 3.3 Students will identify professional organizations in radiologic technology

Goal # 4: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.
SLO 4.1 Students will effectively communicate pre-exam instructions
SLO 4.2 Students will demonstrate presentation skills
SLO 4.3 Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills