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Radiologic Technology Common Questions

1. Question: What is the job outlook?

Currently, the outlook is average. Although our graduates have 100% job placement rate with local and non-local facilities combined. Graduates are not guaranteed jobs here in the Brayn/College Station area.

2. Question: How much money does a Radiologic Technologist earn?

Answer: Approximately $30,000-$35,000 upon graduation. Salaries will vary depending on location and need or level of  expertise.

3. Question: How much of my time will this program require?

This program requires a full-time commitment from the student. First and second year
students spend on the average of seven to eight hours a day (both in class and in the clinical practice). This equates to at least 40 clock hours a week. This does not include study time.

4. Question: How can I best prepare if accepted into the program?


a) Be prepared to make your own arrangements for day care or babysitters. You will be in class or clinical for most part of the day each day (average hours per day are 7-8 hrs. x 5 days a week).  In  other words, this will be a full-time commitment once you have been accepted into the program.

b) Be prepared with a vehicle. Students are required to travel from town to town for their clinical assignments. The farthest distance is approximately 90 miles one way.

c) Be prepared financially.

5. Question: Will I be able to work while I am enrolled in the program?

Answer: Although it is possible, student are encouraged NOT to work due to the tremendous study time and stress experienced both in the classroom and clinical practice.

6. Question: Will I be able to specialize in a modality such as: Cat Scan, MRI, Ultrasound in this program?

Answer: No. This program is strictly Radiologic Technology. We do not offer certificate programs on advanced modalities at this time. Specialization is possible after graduation and certification.

7.  Question: What if I’m pregnant, can I still be in the program?

Answer: The program will provide provisions that will explain the do's and don'ts should you disclose you are pregnant at the time of acceptance or at any time while enrolled in the program. Radiation Safety practices are outlined in the student handbook (NCR 8.13.3). Clearance from your physician must include approval of the student's use of radiation and clearance to physically participate in normal education/clinical practice activities.