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Information Management

Health Information Technology (HIT) Programs Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What programs are offered within HIT?
A: There are 2 degrees and 2 certificates.
Degrees: Health Information Technology & Medical Office
Certificates: Medical Billing/Coding & Medical Office
(Each certificate feeds directly into the corresponding degree)

Q: How long are the programs?
A: The two degrees are 2 academic years and the two certificates are 1 academic year.  (Academic year is fall, spring, summer)

Q: What classes are offered online or campus?
A:  All classes can be completed online.  HITT 1305 is offered both online and on campus. The clinical courses require the student to be on-site at a facility.

Q: When does the program start?
A: A student can begin taking courses for any of the 4 programs during any semester.

Q: Is this program competitive entry?
A: No, all 4 programs are open to all students.  Once you apply to Blinn, you can begin enrolling in one of the programs.

Q: What are the requirements to start one of the programs?
A: There are no requirements to start any of the programs, but a student will need to be TSIA ready in Reading, Writing, and Math in order to take certain courses and to graduate.

Q: What are the admission policies/procedures?
A: Blinn College is an open-admissions college.  The HIT programs are also open-entry to any Blinn student.  Students will need to apply to Blinn, take the necessary Testing and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exams to determine college readiness, get advised by the HIT Program Director, and then register for courses.  Here is a helpful link:

Q: Are any credentials associated with the programs?
A: Graduates of the Medical Billing/Coding Certificate are able to sit for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Graduates of the Health Information Technology (HIT) Degree are able to sit for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) also offered by AHIMA. There are no credentials for the Medical Office Certificate or Degree.

Q: What is the cost of the program?
A: Including tuition, fees, books, immunizations, drug screen, background check, AHIMA membership, and certification exam, the cost is approximately $13,750* for out-of-district students. *Approximate cost is for a 2 year associate’s degree

Q: How can I pay for college?
A:  Financial Aid is the most common way to help pay for college expenses.  Here is a link:
Scholarships and grants  are also available to students.

Q: How will I get hands-on work experience?
A: All programs have a clinical as their final course.  Depending on the course, the student will work 150-200 hours at a health care facility, in addition to completing weekly course work.

Q: What else is required?
A: Before a student can complete their clinical, they must complete a criminal background check, drug testing, and immunization requirements (This will be at the cost to the student)

Q: Is there a certain grade I must make in the courses?
A: The student must earn a grade of C (70%) or higher in all HITT/MDCA courses in order to pass that course.  If a student earns a D, F, or drops the course, that course will have to be taken again and will delay progression within the degree plan. 

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