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EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

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Automobile accident injuries, heart attacks, near drowning, unscheduled childbirths, poisonings, and gunshot wounds all demand urgent medical attention. Emergency medical technicians (EMT's) give immediate care and then transport the sick or injured to medical facilities. Following instructions from a dispatcher, EMT's-who usually work in teams of two-drive specially equipped vehicles to the scene of emergencies. If necessary, they request additional help from police or fire department personnel. They determine the nature and extent of the patient's injuries or illness while also trying to determine preexisting medical conditions. EMT's then give appropriate emergency care following strict guidelines for which procedures they may perform. All EMT's have a skill set to include but not limited to managing airways, restore breathing, control bleeding, treat for shock, administer oxygen, administer medications, immobilize fractures, bandage wounds, assist in childbirth, manage emotionally disturbed patients, treat and assist heart attack victims and give initial care to poison and burn victims.


Academic Prerequisites for the EMT:

  • Acceptance to Blinn College
  • Student must be TSI compliant OR be exempt according to the Success Initiative standards.
  • CPR Training at the Health Care Provider level is required prior to starting clinical rotations.
    ***The EMS Program at Blinn College will offer “optional” CPR classes at the Health Care Provider level for EMT students at the beginning of each EMT semester***
  • This course also requires the student to have met the vaccine requirements listed by the Blinn College Department of Allied Health prior to beginning clinical rotations. Please contact the Program Director with questions regarding this matter. 

EMT Overview

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