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Blinn College Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Since Blinn College first opened its doors in 1883, it has been committed to being an educational leader, not only in the Brazos Valley but throughout the state of Texas. Our commitment to educational excellence and individual and community enhancement is reflected in our accomplishments over the past 130 years. To maintain our place as one of the premier community colleges in the nation, we must continue to plan for the future with both short- and long-term planning and a clear, streamlined vision for our College’s future. Through a process involving students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders, we have identified the following institutional priorities.

Strategic Priority: Student Success

  • Goal: Improve processes to support a seamless student experience
  • Goal: Enhance student skills to support academic achievement
  • Goal: Prepare students to meet workforce needs
  • Goal: Foster personal responsibility, social responsibility and teamwork among students

Strategic Priority: Community Enhancement

  • Goal: Be an economic resource in the communities we serve
  • Goal: Provide cultural enrichment in the communities we serve
  • Goal: Promote educational opportunities in the communities we serve

Strategic Priority: Human Capital

  • Goal: Enhance the culture of employee recognition
  • Goal: Expand opportunities for ongoing professional development
  • Goal: Improve communication between departments and across levels

Strategic Priority: Planned Growth

  • Goal: Review and develop programs
  • Goal: Improve the efficient/effective use of resources