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Physical Plant Maintenance
Facility Emergency Guide


Problems that can be scheduled to be fixed and do not require immediate attention. Maintenance request that is not consider an emergency, will be handle during normal business hours.

Problems identified as anything that needs to be fixed immediately. Emergency maintenance will be initiated immediately for the protection of health, safety, and security of Blinn College's facilities, any condition that represents a significant imminent or potential hazard to a facility.

Loss of heat or air condition, during  extreme temperatures.

Water pouring or spraying out of hvac  unit, that cannot be effectively contained.

Electrical problems that could lead to personal harm, damage to the facility or loss of electricity, beyond normal power outages, that cannot be contained or controlled.

Electrical hazard, sparks or smoke coming from a light fixture, elec. Outlet or elec. Light switch, effecting occupied facility.

Fire alarm system is sounding and cannot be silenced or contained by bc campus police.

Severe flooding or major leaks, broken water pipe or water running which cannot be turned off or contained effectively, where damage to a facility or its contents cannot be prevented.

Inoperative plumbing fixtures or drain lines, where no alternative utilities are available  in the facility.
Commode remains clogged after making several attempts to clear, and there are no alternative commode available in the facility.

Toilet, sink, or shower overflows, includes water standing on floor, and wet carpet  area, measuring 10 x 10 sq ft.

Inoperable door locks or broken glass and windows, when it is necessary to close a building for security, and that is potentially a safety and/or security hazard, and cannot be contained effectively by the bc campus police.

Student remains locked in or out of room, after dorm director attempt to enter with master key or bc campus police is unable to unlock door or secure the door.

Lockouts or lock problems, when facility doors or office doors cannot be secure or cannot enter facility after several attempts, or after  bc campus police is unable to secure or open door.

IMPORTANT: Call back maintenance technician or leave a brief message, that you have found other assistance.