From: Dennis Kocich []
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 9:11 AM
To: 'bwebb'
Subject: Vehicle Use Agreement


Blinn College





As a driver of the college vehicle owned, rented or leased for official college business and/or student activities, I agree to abide by the college policies and procedures including the following


I certify that:


1.       I have a driver’s license that is valid in Texas.

2.       If I will be driving a 12-15 passenger van, that I have attended and passed a van driver training class presented and approved by Blinn College Safety Department within the past year.

3.       I will not permit any unauthorized person to drive the vehicle.

4.       I will not permit any unauthorized passengers in the vehicle (only Blinn employees, persons cooperating in Blinn projects or program, and students participating in authorized trips are permitted).

5.       I will use a seat belt or other available occupant restraint and require all passengers to also use seat belts or occupant restraints in accordance with State law, and not operate the vehicle unless all occupants are wearing the appropriate restraints

6.       I will operate the vehicle in accordance with college policies and procedures and know and observe all applicable traffic laws, ordinances and regulations as defined by the State of Texas Motor Vehicle Department, or by the Department in whose state the vehicle is operated.

7.       I understand that I will be responsible for all traffic violations and fines resulting from my use of a college vehicle.

8.       I will not allow and/or open containers of alcohol, illegal drugs in the vehicle. I will not drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. (Exception: Non-drowsy OTC and prescription medications are acceptable if my driving ability is not impaired.) Medications that impair my driving ability are not acceptable.

9.       I will not use a cell phone or other personal device that may distract me while driving.

10.    I will not exceed the speed limit or drive the vehicle at speeds that are unsafe for road conditions.

11.    I will be rested. I will not drive more than a total of 8 hours per day, and understand it is recommended that periods of uninterrupted driving not exceed 2 hours, separated by at lease 15 minute breaks.  

12.    I will not drive the vehicle “off road” unless it is designed and intended for that use.

13.    I will turn the vehicle off, remove the keys, and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended.

14.    Before leaving the parking area garage, I will inspect the vehicle for safety concerns, checking the tires, wipers, lights and other safety equipment for observable defects. I will report any defects immediately to the appropriate authority to determine if the vehicle is safe to operate.

15.    I will immediately report all accidents, property damage, or violations to the Police & Public Safety Department, the Director of Transportation, and the Risk Safety Manager.

16.    I will immediately report to the Transportation Coordinator any change in my driving status that places me outside the college’s driving qualifications.

17.    I will only use the vehicle for school business, not personal usage.

18.    I will not keep vehicle at my resident.



As a college employee, I understand I am subject to all applicable college disciplinary procedures for violations of college policies and procedures.




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      Name of Driver   (Please print)                                                Drivers License Number




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      Signature of Employee    (date)                                               Transportation Coordinator     (date)