Student Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration

All students parking a vehicle on Blinn College campuses (campus' street boundaries included) must register their vehicle and purchase a parking permit before parking a vehicle on campus. Brenham, Bryan, and Schulenburg campuses require vehicle registration and parking permits. The Sealy Campus requires no vehicle registration or parking permits at this time. Exception – Bryan Campus students utilizing Pay-By-Space parking. 

Bryan Campus Parking

Health Science Students Only
To receive a Blinn parking permit at no charge, you must register your vehicle at Enrollment Services on the campus where you will be attending class.  Please see the Health Science Center Parking page for information.

Online Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration
Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration must be completed online through the Blinn Parking Portal at the following website.

Online Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration

You should be able to access your Parking Portal account, 24-48 hours after registering for classes.

Upon completing the Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration, the following non-refundable parking permit fee will be added to your Parking Portal account.

Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters $200.00
Spring/Summer Semesters $125.00
Summer Semester Only $  75.00
Minimester No Permit Required
Replacement Permit Full Price

You may register online, one vehicle/permit per semester. To register another vehicle or receive a replacement permit, you must go to Enrollment Services.

For Your Parking Permit to Be Issued:
You must be registered for classes.
You must complete the online Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration.
Your Parking Permit Fee must be paid.

You may pay your permit fee through the Parking Portal or at Enrollment Services; or by having Financial Aid to cover your parking permit; or by selecting the Payment Plan through myBLINN.

Commuter Students
Permits for Brenham, Bryan, and Schulenburg commuter students registering vehicles and paying through the Parking Portal will be mailed to the address provided upon registering. These permits will not be available for pickup.

Commuter students who need to have their financial aid or Nelnet payment plan cover their parking permit fee must first register their vehicles through the Parking Portal, then go to Enrollment Services to have their payment option adjusted. Enrollment Services will issue the permit at this time. Permits will only be issued to the student. (Select the ‘Vehicles’ tab at the top, to Manage your Account Vehicles; ‘Add Vehicle’)

Brenham Campus Housing Students
Students living on the Brenham Campus must register their vehicles through the Parking Portal, and are required to have either an Apartment Permit or Residence Hall Permit. Parking permits will be issued from Enrollment Services during designated Housing move-in dates. Payment or payment options must be made at the time of pickup. Permits will only be issued to the student. (Select the ‘Vehicles’ tab at the top, to Manage your Account Vehicles; ‘Add Vehicle’)

IMPORTANT:  It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with, and act in accordance with Blinn parking and traffic regulations before parking a vehicle on campus.  Please refer to the online College Catalog and the Parking, Traffic and Transportation website for detailed information concerning policies and regulations, enforcement, violations, parking permits and fees, citations and fines, appeals, visitor parking, and Health Science Center parking.