Parking Citation Appeal

If you have received a Blinn parking citation, you may appeal the citation through your Parking Portal account within 14 calendar days of the citation issue date. The appeal will be reviewed by the Blinn College Parking Appeals Committee. The Committee will evaluate each appeal and its decision will be returned to the email provided. Decisions are final and not subject to further review.

STUDENTS: Do not appeal your parking citation if you. . . .

- did not have a current valid parking permit for the vehicle receiving the parking citation.
- did not register the temporary vehicle receiving the parking citation.
- did not have your permit on your vehicle when the citation was issued.
- placed your permit in the wrong area of the vehicle.
- parked in a reserved, numbered or visitor space.
- parked in a lot, area, or space other than your designated permit assignment.
- have not appealed within ’14 calendar days from the citation issue date.
- were late to class or appointment.
- could not find a parking space.
- allowed someone to borrow your vehicle.
- parked in an unauthorized area or illegally parked (driveway, entrance, exit, sidewalk, grass, handicap, fire lane, spaces designated by any yellow or red paint, signs, etc.)