Virtual College of Texas

The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaboration of various community and technical colleges across the state. Blinn students may register to take online courses not currently offered at Blinn from other colleges throughout Texas.

Get Started

  1. Browse the VCT course schedule to find the course you need.
  2. If you are not already enrolled at Blinn, apply for admission at this time. You must be a current Blinn student before your VCT request will be processed. Visit the Admissions page if you need assistance. You may continue with Step 3 while you are waiting for your admissions process to be completed.
  3. Fill out the VCT course request form. You must provide valid contact information, including a phone number and email address.
  4. Once the VCT Coordinator receives your request, the course syllabus will be reviewed by the appropriate Blinn Division Dean. Note: This process may take 2-4 weeks.

Once Approved

  1. When your course is approved, a reservation at the providing college will be made. This reservation holds your seat in the course.
  2. Once Blinn has confirmation from the providing college, the course will be added to your Blinn schedule.
  3. After the course is added to your schedule, the VCT Coordinator will send you an email with important information about your VCT course. Make sure you read that information carefully and keep that email for future reference.
  4. You will need to pay Blinn for the course by the payment due date. Note: Blinn's payment due dates vary depending on when you register. Make sure you know the payment deadline, or you will be dropped for non-payment.
  5. The majority of the information about your VCT course will come from the provider college. If you have not heard from the provider college by the course start date, contact the provider college directly. All requests for technical or content-related assistance must go through the provider college.
  6. If your VCT course is not approved, you will receive an email from the VCT Coordinator.

Blinn Requirements for VCT Courses

  • You must be a current Blinn student before your VCT request will be processed. No VCT requests will be processed until it can be determined that you are a current student at Blinn College. If you are a returning student, you must become a current student before your request will be processed. Visit the Admissions page if you need assistance.
  • The only courses eligible for VCT are those that are not offered as online courses at Blinn. If Blinn offers the course, you must take the course through Blinn, not VCT. If you are not sure what Blinn offers online, visit the course schedule.
  • The course must be offered at Blinn College. If Blinn does not offer the course, then it is not eligible for VCT.
  • You must meet the course prerequisites required by Blinn (not by the provider college).
  • The course must be offered during the Spring, Summer I, Summer II, or Fall semesters. No VCT requests for minimesters will be processed.
  • Graduating students: VCT course dates usually do not match Blinn's dates. In some cases, your grade will not be in on time for you to graduate. Typically, you will be allowed to to participate in the ceremony, but you will not be able to get your actual diploma until the grade is turned in.
  • VCT courses have seat limitations. If the course you requested is full, you may request to take another course through VCT by filling out another VCT course request form. Blinn cannot force you into VCT courses.

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