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Online Exam Recommendations for Students

If your instructor allows you to take your exams online from locations other than Blinn Learning Centers, you have a number of responsibilities before beginning the exam.

Before entering the exam:

1. Make sure you are familiar with your instructor's exam policies and procedures.

2. Know the date and time of the exam availability. Allow yourself enough time to complete the exam before the end time of the exam. For example, if the exam is scheduled to end at 11 pm and is 2 hours long, begin the exam no later than 9 pm to ensure you will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

3. Read all directions and instructions for the exam.

Technical Considerations

1. See Minimum Hardware and Software Recommendations.

2. Use a supported browser.

3. To ensure your browser is operating at its optimum performance, clean out your temporary internet files. Then, close out your browser completely and restart with a fresh instance of the browser.

During the Exam:

1. Do not open more than one browser or tab while in an exam. Having another browser or tab open will cause your exam answers not to save or it may cause your exam to submit automatically.

2. Do not navigate through other portions of your course while taking an exam. This may cause your exam answers not to save or it may cause your exam to submit automatically.

3. If the save button is available, save often.

4. Avoid using Next or Back buttons. Use the navigation buttons provided. If the Back button is not provided, then your instructor has that feature disabled.

5. Log out of eCampus completely when you have finished the exam.