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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eCampus?

eCampus is the learning management system used by Blinn College. Students log into eCampus from their computers and access the information provided by the instructor.

What types of Distance Learning (DL) courses are available at Blinn College?

There are three types of DL courses at Blinn College: Online (Internet) courses, Blended (Hybrid) courses, and Interactive Video courses. More information can be found on the Types of Distance Learning Courses page.

Does my DL course count the same as a traditional course? Will it transfer to other colleges?

Typically, yes. DL courses will transfer to other colleges. However, you should consult the transfer site or speak to an advisor to ensure that your course will transfer to your college/university.

Technical Questions

Do I have the right technical skills to take a DL course?

The SmarterMeasure assessment can help you determine if you have the right technical skills to take a Distance Learning course. It is a web-based tool which assesses your level of readiness for enrolling in distance education courses. It assesses important attributes in online learning, such as self-motivation, time-management skills, self-discipline, persistence, availability of time, and ability to use a laptop, printer, software, and the Internet.

How do I use the tools in eCampus, like email, discussion board, assessments, drop box, calendar, grade report, etc.?

Visit the Tutorials page for detailed instructions.

Where can I find the technical requirements for eCampus?

Visit the eCampus Technical Information page for minimum hardware and software requirements, supported browsers, pop-up blockers, cookies, deleting temporary internet files, and additional resources.

What DL support services are available to me?

The DL technical support staff is here to assist you with any technical difficulties you may have. Our contact information is on the sidebar of each page, and our office hours are listed on the DL home page. Our office is closed during all observed Blinn holidays. Please visit the Blinn College calendar for these holiday postings.

If you are having technical difficulties with a course or with eCampus, you may call our office or set up an appointment with one of our technical support specialists. We have a online orientation that you can log into at anytime to get a preview of eCampus. In addition, we have numerous tutorials available for you to read or print.

Please remember--before you get frustrated and drop the course due to technical problems, contact our office or look at our web site. We are here to assist you.

Other Questions

How do I login?

Visit the Tutorials page and click on Log in Instructions.

Can I be forced into a course?

The DL Department cannot force students into courses. You will need to contact the division chair for that particular course to determine if that division allows students to be forced into courses.

How do I contact my instructor?

Go to the Blinn College Directory. Type in your instructor's first or last name. Your instructor's contact information should appear.

How do I search for online or blended courses in MyBlinn?

Visit the Looking up Distance Learning Courses page.

Can I audit a distance learning course?

Auditing is not permitted with any of Blinn's online distance education courses.