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Blinn enrolls 18,977 students for Fall 2017 semester

September 19, 2017

Despite the challenges presented by Hurricane Harvey during the final week of registration, the Blinn College District enrolled 18,977 students for the Fall 2017 semester.

Blinn’s district-wide enrollment includes 11,955 students on the Bryan Campus, 2,350 students on the Brenham Campus, 164 on the Schulenburg Campus, and 117 on the Sealy Campus. An additional 2,000 students enrolled in online courses.

District-wide, students will engage in 3,484,496 contact hours. State funding is determined by contact hours.

Blinn’s enrollment totals include 990 students enrolled in the TEAM (Transfer Enrollment at A&M) Program, which allows qualified students to co-enroll at Blinn and Texas A&M University. Students who successfully complete the program earn automatic admission to Texas A&M.

The Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Bryan, a co-enrollment program that allows talented students to pursue their engineering degree while enrolled at Texas A&M and Blinn, registered 500 students for Fall 2017. The Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham,  which allows students to take Blinn and Texas A&M courses as part of a living and learning engineering community, registered 80 students.

Blinn enrolled 19,422 students for 3,592,208 contact hours last Fall, and registration remains available for the Fall semester’s 12- and eight-week courses. Fall 12-week courses begin Monday, Sept. 25, and registration is available through Sunday, Sept. 24. Registration for eight-week courses beginning Wednesday, Oct. 18, is available through Tuesday, Oct. 17.

According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s, Blinn students who take 30 credit hours during the 2017-18 academic year will save $3,717, or 42 percent, compared to state residents at the average Texas public university.

In addition to Blinn’s low tuition and fees, the Blinn Foundation offers more than 200 endowed scholarships available to incoming and returning students from a wide range of backgrounds, majors, and experiences. Blinn students and prospective students also can register for external scholarships and participate in grant programs.

Blinn’s academic transfer rate regularly ranks among the highest in the state and the nation. According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Blinn’s academic transfer rate of 34.2 percent ranks second in the state and far exceeds the statewide average of 21.1 percent.

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