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Blinn-Bryan student named Blinn’s January 2017 Academic Student of the Month

Julie Hancock overcomes personal challenges to continue her education at Blinn

January 27, 2017


While most students spent the winter break at home relaxing with family and friends, Blinn College sophomore Julie Hancock faced a tough choice that could have affected her collegiate career.

On Christmas Eve, Hancock’s grandmother passed away, leaving her close-knit family reeling with grief. As a full-time student on Blinn’s Bryan Campus, the Houston native’s first impulse was to stay at home to help her family through the difficult time. Ultimately, however, she made the decision to return to work in Bryan/College Station. Without her income, Hancock said she would be unable to fund her living expenses and remain enrolled at Blinn.

“I have worked two jobs to support myself, and it definitely is a challenge to balance work and going to school full-time,” she said. “With my grandmother’s passing and my family being very close, it has been a difficult time to be away from them – especially during the holidays.”

Hancock’s selfless service to the community and commitment to one day teaching the next generation of students recently earned her recognition as Blinn College’s January 2017 Academic Student of the Month.

Hancock said returning for the Spring semester helped her maintain a sense of normalcy in her life. She plans to complete her final year at Blinn and transfer to Texas A&M University to earn her bachelor’s degree in education. Her goal is to become an elementary school teacher.

In addition to balancing classwork and a job, Hancock has volunteered as a student mentor with Children Acquiring Reading Skills (CARS), a unique partnership between Blinn and local elementary schools that brings volunteers into the classroom to help students practice their reading and comprehension skills.

While becoming a teacher has been a lifelong goal, Hancock said Blinn has pushed her to make that dream a reality through the CARS program, introductory education courses, and supportive faculty.

“I knew I was not ready for a four-year university coming right out of high school,” she said. “Blinn definitely helped me get the feel for college life and taught me to be more independent. I appreciate the smaller class sizes and friendly atmosphere of both the Brenham and Bryan campuses.”

Arts Professor Doug Peck said Hancock displayed that same determination to excel in his classes – even if it meant taking the course twice to perfect her grade.

“She had resolve,” Peck said. “I admire the fact that she realized her original grade was not what she wanted, and she was willing to use the same teacher and the same format to come back and surpass her standards. She was able to push past her shy personality to communicate with others regarding activities in class.”

Hancock has made frequent use of the Blinn’s advising services to ensure she is on the right track to achieving her goals – a resource she hopes to offer her own students in the future.

“It will be an honor to teach the next generation the important skills they will need to be ready for the next step in their life,” she said.

Blinn’s Education Program prepares students for successful careers in the classroom as they study teaching and learning for a variety of environments and levels. Blinn offers a wide range of courses necessary to successfully transfer and pursue baccalaureate degrees in education that lead to initial Texas teacher certification. For more information, visit