Blinn increases tuition and fee rates to offset rising insurance costs and decreased state funding

Board approves cancellation order for three unopposed trustee positions

March 21, 2017

Facing increased employee insurance costs and an anticipated decrease in state appropriations, Blinn College will increase its tuition and fees slightly during the 2017-18 academic year.

Blinn’s Board of Trustees approved a $2 per credit hour tuition increase for in-district and out-of-district students, a $7 per credit hour tuition increase for non-residents, and a $9 per credit hour fee increase for all students. Under the new plan, tuition will be $52 per credit hour for in-district students, $109 per credit hour for out-of-district students, and $267 for non-resident students who come to Blinn from outside the state of Texas. The new general fee will be $60 per credit hour.

The new rates are estimated to generate approximately $4.55 million in additional revenue. Those revenues will fund increased operating expenses and a 3 percent salary increase for staff and full-time faculty. The salary increase will offset an expected 7 percent increase in employee insurance costs.

According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s, out-of-district Blinn students taking 30 credit hours during the 2016-17 academic year save $3,835, or 44.3 percent, compared to state residents at the average Texas public university.

The board also approved:

  • a $75 per semester activity fee for all Brenham students taking a face-to-face course to offset the operating cost of the new activity centers.
  • the addition of a 14-meals-per-week plan to the current 11- and 19-meal plans available on the Brenham Campus. The 14-meal plan will cost $1,400 per semester. The cost of the 11-meal plan will be $1,000, while the 19-meal plan will be $1,600. The new rates are expected to generate an estimated $496,850, which will offset the cost of capital improvements in the Brenham Campus cafeteria.
  • new Brenham Campus housing rates that are expected to generate an additional $423,600. These funds will be used to offset the increasing costs of utilities, cable, washers and dryers, etc., and to establish a fund to maintain and update facilities on a rotating schedule. Blinn had not increased its housing rates since 2014.

In other business, the board accepted a Certificate of Unopposed Candidates and Adoption of an Order of Cancellation for the May 6, 2017, general election of the Blinn board representing Precinct Positions 2 and 3 and At-Large Position 1. Douglas Borchardt (Precinct 2), Teddy Boehm (Precinct 3), and Charles Moser (At-Large Position 1) each were unopposed in the election scheduled for May 6.

Trustees also accepted a donation of $21,319 from the Swalm Foundation to provide scholarships for 12 former Boys & Girls Club students who attend Blinn College during the Spring 2017 semester.









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