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Blinn College, Weimar High School dual credit student to be featured in upcoming textbook

Textbook to feature Samantha Wick’s research paper on genetically-modified organisms

April 15, 2016

Samantha Wick’s When Blinn College and Weimar High School dual credit student Samantha Wick turned in her English 1301 research paper, she was just hoping to get a good grade.

Her paper, “Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO): Curing World Hunger,” not only earned a perfect score, but it was also selected to be featured in an upcoming new edition of Bonnie Tensen’s textbook, “Research Strategies for a Digital Age.”

English 1301 marked Wick’s first dual credit and her first online-only course.

“I was excited but also a little scared,” Wick said. “I just decided to go take it and give it my all, and I was pleasantly surprised. The class was beneficial and the teacher worked with me very well.”

It was Schulenburg campus English professor Audrey Wick, no relation, who sent Samantha Wick’s paper to the textbook author, Bonnie Tensen.

“Samantha’s paper was wonderfully researched and it took the reader who would have zero understanding of the topic and helped them understand,” Audrey Wick said. “In reading her paper, it was hard for me to remember that she was a young dual-credit student.”

Samantha Wick was shocked when she learned that her research paper would serve as a writing example in a college textbook. Wick has enjoyed writing for most of her life, and when she discovered that she could write a research paper on a topic that she was interested in, that made writing even more enjoyable.

“I am into sports and nutrition and when I heard about GMOs I was curious about them,” Samantha Wick said. “I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten my paper published if it was on a topic that I didn’t enjoy.”

Audrey Wick said dual credit courses benefit students in ways that high school classes may not be able to.

“When students take dual credit classes, they are exposed to new opportunities that they normally wouldn’t get in high school,” she said. “The biggest source of pride for me is that the Blinn – Schulenburg campus has such a good reputation for student writers. This isn’t the first time we have had writers plucked for a big project.”

Samantha Wick will graduate from high school this spring after taking two dual credit courses from Blinn. She plans on attending Texas State University and becoming a physical therapist.

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