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Blinn thanks 120 employees for their commitment to student success

Employees were recognized after reaching service milestones

Blinn College recently thanked 120 employees who reached milestones in their Blinn careers.

Blinn recently awarded employees who have reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years with the College commemorative pins in recognition of their service to the College and their commitment to student success. Employees who had served 10 years or more were invited to a special luncheon hosted by Dr. Mary Hensley, district president/CEO, in their honor.

Altogether, the 120 employees recognized combined for 1,220 years at Blinn.

“It is important to recognize our employees’ commitment and service to Blinn College,” Hensley said. “It’s our turn to say thank you and express how much we value all the wonderful things they have contributed to the success of our students.”

This marked the first year of the luncheon, which Blinn plans to make an annual tradition.
Honorees included:

Brenham Campus Photo Gallery

Bryan Campus Photo Gallery

Patrick Johnson 30 Bryan Social Sciences Professor
Sandra Chumchal 25 Bryan Humanities Dept. Head
M. Elia Flores 25 HSC Health Sciences Academic Dean
Bennie Graves 25 Bryan Student Activities Director
Twila Miller 25 Bryan Math & Engineering Professor
Bradley Nies 25 Brenham Visual & Performing Arts Professor
Matthew Stellges 25 Brenham Social Sciences Professor
Leslie Webb 25 Bryan Humanities Professor
Mary Barnes-Tilley 20 Brenham Social Sciences Asst. Dean
Karen Buck 20 Bryan Instruction Assistant VP
Alan Lehmann 20 Brenham Social Sciences Dept. Head
Juan Morales 20 Brenham Food Services Dishwasher
Patricia Moran 20 Brenham Disability Services Director
Darrell Stein 20 Brenham Maintenance/Facilities Grounds Supervisor
Deborah Vavra 20 Brenham Visual & Performing Arts Asst. Dean
Wesley Whitman 20 Brenham Natural Sciences Professor
Alicia Zemanek 20 Brenham Advising & Counseling Counselor
Raul Aparicio 15 Bryan Math & Engineering Professor
Linda Bow 15 Bryan Humanities Dept. Head
Cathy Brockman 15 Brenham Visual & Performing Arts Professor
Roxanne Brown 15 Bryan Natural Science Department Head
Karin Dahmann 15 Brenham Visual & Performing Arts      Professor
Max Hibbs 15 Brenham Math & Engineering Asst. Dean
Randall Hudgens 15 Bryan Computer Science Professor
Charles Kelm 15 Brenham Marketing & Communications Graphic Services Mgr.
Kathryn Kimmey 15 Bryan Financial Aid Financial Aid Advisor
Dennis Kocich 15 Brenham Maintenance/Facilities Director of Facilities
Stephen Noel 15 Bryan Economics Professor
Sally Pacheco 15 Brenham Financial Aid Advisor
Sara Pohl 15 Brenham Human Resources Asst. Director, Compensation/Benefits
Peggy Schwarze 15 Brenham Vocational Nursing Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Sharpe 15 Bryan Natural Sciences Dept. Head
Thomas Stephens 15 Bryan Social Sciences Professor
Sarah Wick 15 Schulenburg    Schulenburg Campus Admissions Counselor
Sandra Winkelmann 15 Brenham Financial Aid Financial Aid Clerk
Katherine Ashford 10 Bryan Academic Technology Computer Lab Manager
Rebecca Barta 10 Bryan Accounting Professor
Thomas Brazzel 10 Brenham Accounting Office Director, Accounting
Diane Ebbole 10 Bryan Natural Sciences Instructor
Darla Forsberg 10 HSC            Associate Degree Nursing Professor
Robert Grande 10 Brenham Humanities Professor
Jaime Hardy 10 HSC            Associate Degree Nursing Professor
Hope Harris 10 Brenham Housing Residence Hall Coordinator
Sherrill Holder 10 Bryan Bryan Campus Administrative Assistant
Jami Ingram 10 Brenham Softball Instructor
Brenda Johnson 10 Brenham Food Services Manager
Travis Knodel 10 Bryan Math & Engineering Professor
Michael Ko 10 Bryan Natural Sciences Instructor
Eddie Lohse 10 Bryan Security Police Officer
Lianxi Ma 10 Bryan Natural Sciences Professor
Eldon Mikeska 10 Brenham Maintenance/Facilities Electrician
Cynthia Nevels 10 Bryan Social Sciences Professor
Kevin Patrick 10 Brenham Visual & Performing Arts Professor
Shelley Person 10 HSC            Radiologic Technology Director
Gena Probst 10 Brenham Humanities Professor
John Purcell 10 Bryan Humanities Professor
Maria Raducanu 10 Bryan Learning Center Learning Center Assistant
Gilbert Schorlemmer 10 Bryan Social Sciences Professor
Steven Simcik 10 Bryan Natural Sciences Professor
Nathan Sivils 10 HSC            Fire Sciences Director
Kristi Urban 10 Brenham Admissions & Records Director
Linda Wiggins 10 Bryan Math & Engineering Professor
Christy Young 10 Brenham Financial Aid Asst. Financial Aid Director
Tommy Adams 5 Brenham Business Programs Instructor
Serena Aldrich 5 Bryan Social Sciences Instructor
Larry Baker 5 Brenham Housing Res. Hall Coordinator
Edwin Bates 5 Brenham Learning Center Learning Center Assistant
Kynsie Benefield 5 HSC            Technical Education Facilitator, Allied Health
Jana Bowers 5 Post Office Workforce Program Manager
Nancy Bradley 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Muriel Brannon 5 Bryan Accounting Instructor
Jennifer Bynum 5 Bryan Prospective Student Relations Director
Carol Caddell 5 Brenham Health Clinic Registered Nurse
Malcolm Carter 5 Brenham Security Police Captain
Julie Coskey 5 Brenham Math & Engineering Professor
Jean Daniels 5 Bryan Visual & Performing Arts Instructor
Marichu Duka 5 Bryan Math & Engineering Instructor
Brent Ehrig 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Brandy Ermis 5 Brenham Humanities Dept. Head
Sarah Flisowski 5 Brenham Dance Cheer Groups Coach/Instructor
Alex Garza 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Britney Hibbeler 5 Bryan Visual & Performing Arts Dept. Head
Amy Hobbs 5 Bryan Math & Engineering Professor
Sara Horton 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Todd Huddleston 5 Bryan Academic Technology Telecommunications Manager
Craig Jeffrey 5 Bryan Visual & Performing Arts Asst. Dean
Debora Kleiber 5 Bryan Purchasing Purchasing Assistant
Donna Lackey 5 Bryan Math & Engineering Instructor
Ellyse Lamont 5 HSC            Associate Degree Nursing Instructor
David Lewis 5 Brenham Humanities Instructor
Miranda Livingston 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Dawn Marshall 5 Bryan Social Sciences Instructor
Julie Marshall 5 Bryan Student Services Administrative Asst.
Rebecca Marshall 5 Brenham Business Services Accountant
Isaac Martinez Gonzalez 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Jerri Maurer 5 Brenham Accounting Office Accounts Payable Clerk
Laurie Metcalf 5 Bryan Visual & Performing Arts Instructor
Jonathan Miller 5 Brenham Admissions & Records Transcript Analyst
Emily Monteiro 5 Bryan Humanities Instructor
Alene Neeley 5 Bryan Security Parking Enforcement Officer
Deborah Noe 5 Bryan Instruction Grant & Resource Developer
Todd Overstreet 5 Bryan Visual & Performing Arts Instructor
Dillon Phipps 5 Brenham Humanities Instructor
Cheryl Poage 5 Bryan Math & Engineering Instructor
Todd Quinlan 5 Brenham Visual & Performing Arts Dept. Head
Linda Reed 5 Brenham Distance Learning Instructional Design Specialist
Brandy Scholze 5 Bryan Business Programs Asst. Dean
Brent Schrader 5 Bryan Academic Technology Academic Server Manager
Lidia Smith 5 Bryan Math & Engineering Instructor
Rebecca Smith 5 Bryan Library Library Technical Assistant
Paul Stearns 5 Brenham Humanities Instructor
Kristin Steinbaugh 5 Brenham Academic Technology Computer Lab Assistant
Rachael Taylor 5 Brenham Humanities Instructor
Joshua Thompson 5 Brenham Security Police Officer
Zachary Varner 5 HSC            Emergency Medical Technician EMS Director
Gary Waites 5 Brenham Emergency Management/Safety Emergency Management/Safety Manager
Albert Wellmann 5 Bryan Academic Technology PC Technician
Richard Williamson 5 Bryan Humanities Writing Center Director
Brent Williford 5 Bryan Financial Aid Financial Aid Director
David Yeager 5 Brenham Technical Education                     Director, Tech Education Center